2020 Medical Tech - Innovative Hands Free Technology - Connecticut

by Daniel DeMelis


The new Temperature Screening Kiosk is one of the fastest and most accurate systems available.  The system provides a safer environment for your employees, patrons and customers. As businesses open up after closures, governors and local governments are requiring parties to be tested for a fever.  Establishments will be responsible to create a safer, orderly environment.

The first class product with thermal infrared sensors as well as face recognition technology allows your business to perform efficient, accurate temperature readings instantly.  The system is non-contact for the customer and does not require any participation from an employee.  

  • Simply stand a few feet in front of the screen
  • Instantly the screen will indicate the temperature.
  • Color Display Threshold: Green=Pass  Red=Fail
  • High Temperature: Optional Alarm and Notifications via Email & SMS

The kiosk is plug and play, standalone system giving a modern, classy look to your environment.  No need for an employee to awkwardly stand in front of a patron while pointing a handheld device at or on their forehead. 

  • Speed: ~1 second per scan
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5 ºF
  • Plug & Play Power: Standard 10 ft Cable
  • Face Mask Recognition
  • Download Excel Compatible Scan Reports
  • Face Recognition allows employee identification
  • Dimensions: 8.92" x 4.72" x 1.00"
  • Operating Temperature: 50 ºF - 113 ºF
  • Thermal Infrared Sensor: Heimann Level D Medical Grade
  • Recognition Height: 4-7.2 feet

Suitable All Public Places Temperature Instrument Body Face Recognition Thermal Camera