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CTPS has been working with Connecticut businesses for over a decade. Together with our highly trained and experienced team of professionals we adapt and integrate your business into the current times by taking advantage of our experienced staff of Ct developers and technicians to provide Connecticut Businesses with Connecticut Commercial Services they need to survive. CTPS is your one stop shop for all your Connecticut Commercial Service needs. From IT to Pressure Washing we've got you covered!


CTPS has been providing the most affordable Connecticut Commercial Service rates to Connecticut Business owners for over a decade. At CTPS we work with experienced technicians trained in commercial installation and repair services to provide Connecticut Businesses with a one stop shop for all their Connecticut Commercial Service needs. From Connecticut Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning and Janitorial services to Ct Power Washing, Connecticut Commercial Services is equipped to handle all of your businesses needs. 

Connecticut Commercial Cleaning

Website/App Development

Our team of coders, Graphic Designers, Copyrighters, and developers will work together to create you a state of the art webpage representative of your Connecticut business that you and your employees can be proud of. We can also bring your old website to life by adding up to date automation and mobile features/accessibility.   

Social Media Marketing

We have been working in online advertising in Connecticut for over a decade and have learned the most efficient ways to bring awareness to your business while targeting audiences specific to your brand. Unlike other Connecticut Marketing Agencies who promise numbers but can’t deliver new customers or leads, we take the time to study your market so we can target the best audience possible for your Ads while working with our Graphic Design team come up with the most efficient Ad creative. 

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Search Engine Optimization

In order for new customers to discover you online they need to be able to find you. Using diligent market research and over a decades worth of experience in Online marketing in Connecticut we will study your competitors to find the most efficient keywords to rank your Connecticut business for across all search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.).  

24 Hr. Customer Support Agency

CTPS offers a complete customer support operation on demand. We answer tickets for you, 24/7, while regularly training and improving our team. Taking the stress of customer support off of your hands allows you to focus on improving your Connecticut business and eliminates the negativity energy that comes with a bad customer experience. Our staff of Customer Support Specialists are trained to handle these situation in the professional way possible.

The bottom line?  Our customer retention rate is over 98%.

But we know better than to rest of successes.  We continue to make substaintial investments in the latest products, equipment and technology.  To enhance the skills of our people.  To raise the standard of our service.  To look for a better way. 

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